1. Instagram.

    So…. I’m 47 seatmates behind. Moving content to Instagram because 1) I can pull out the dark images on night flights, and 2) it’s simple. Content will still come here, but feel free to follow on Instagram for your #seatmate fix.

  2. MY SEATMATES……. WE’RE BAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKK. 3.5 month travel break, but lets get back at it. 

  3. DEN to IND. Awesome guy. Talked most of the flight with him. His biz makes custom dress shirts. Gave me a 30% off coupon for his website. Score. 

  4. IND-DEN. Must be going to Denver because this dude is like A MILE HIGH.

  5. ORD to IND. So tired. Nothing to say to you, Seatmate. 

  6. HKG - ORD. Not only did she complete every Sudoku puzzle in the boom, she RIPPED OUT THE CROSSWORD to take with her. Shame, Seatmate. 

  7. SIN-HKG on the 5:15am departure. Brutal. 1 row of bulkhead,

    So it’s a race between me and her to see which passenger makes it first. In the States by noon!
  8. #trainmates, Singapore Clarke Quay -> Bras Basah. 

  9. Sleepy seatmates. AirAsia DPS-SIN. 

  10. Melbourne to Bali. When I realized my flight was operated by Jetstar and NOT a Qantas codeshare, I thought we were going down and this guy was going to be  the person I spent my last moments with. Glad that didn’t happen. 

  11. Bali to Singapore. Some people just aren’t meant for bulkheads. #baggage #doublemeaning #stoptalkingtome

  12. Sydney to Melbourne with these dudes. Figured I wouldn’t spend the $15 for the exit row. NEVER AGAIN. 

  13. My LAX-SYD Seatmate for 15 hours, Owen. Cool dude. We had actual conversation and swapped biz cards due to being in similar industries. Welcome to Australia, mate!

  14. IAH to LAX. Last to board plane with roller and mini roller #likeaboss. Well done being extremely annoyed that everyone else boarded on time and properly stored their luggage in the overhead bins. 

  15. IND-IAH with a mom and her 2 daughters. Heading home from a wedding. Little girl wanted to know if I thought her Pink Beanie Baby Unicorn named Courtney was a boy or girl… Hmm.